Cafe with Valery (@vee_christine)

A few weeks ago I shared a post on my personal Instagram account from my blogger account and was immediately contacted by Valery, an old high school friend. While driving home from work one evening she called me and we spend an hour just catching up on life. We talked about our similar dream of traveling more and one day even owning a coffee shop. This bad-ass mommy of one, also shared a little of what she has done for her own personal growth and how she is working towards her goal to empower other women.

Who is Val in 3 words?

Alpha. Funny. Love.

Current music/playlist?

Christian rap. For any day, any mood, always a good message, family friendly, and it’s LIT!! (Swoope, Lecrae, Andy Mineo, KB are some of our favs)

What are your travel goals?

Travel to as many places on Earth as possible, before I leave it. My goal is to have a huge jar with names of places, and my family randomly picking two of them each year. Hopefully my grandchildren keep the tradition and eventually we see the entire world!

Any current obsessions ?

Mango Dragon Fruit Refreshers and GROWTH.

What is the story behind your goal to empower other women in 2019?

Honestly, I am at a point in my life where I feel like a new person. I am becoming a new type of woman that I know I’m suppose to be. This girl does not compete with other girls, she is not a hater, she does not judge or compare – and genuinely supports other women. I decided to be intentional about that (again, being intentional is a major key in life) and create a mission this year! I would love to build a sisterhood of boss babes trying to prosper in life, business and better themselves. Women are sooo powerful! Imagine if we focused on building and really supporting each other? We would be unstoppable.

( I mean it! Come talk to me, let’s grab coffee and build!)

What was your experience like being a young mom? – do you feel it impacted your relationship?

Being a young mom definitely came with challenges, but it has been the biggest blessing. It has taught me so much about life, love and myself. Literally changed my life, and I am so grateful for Rielyn. I owe her the world. As far as impacting my relationship – DEFINITELY. My relationship with Austin and Rielyn actually. Different dynamic but the greatest bond.

Any advice for new mommies or soon-to-be mommies?

#1. On a light note: Relax Mama, you’re doing great! Don’t stress or compare- we’re all just out here doing our best. MOMMIN’ AIN’T EASY.

#2. To keep it real: I’d say BE INTENTIONAL. God is trusting you with one of his children. Be intentional about everything. I was a young mom and obviously had a lot of growing up to do myself. Totally made mistakes. I soon realized that everything I did, said or didn’t- would impact Rielyn. I started to become extremely intentional about being an example, who I allowed her to be around, what we listened to, dreams, goals, self growth, making things about others – just everything. She’s only 6 years old but she is so selfless, has the biggest heart and feels a sense of responsibility to help others. She’s also a smart, strong leader with a boss babe mentality! LOL Don’t get it twisted-I am in no way trying to brag or take credit. That’s all God & Rielyn (& help from her Daddy). However, I have seen what a difference that has made in my parenting and family life. It’s the greatest piece of advice I never got as a new mama. Had to share!

If you want to see more motivational post from this Girl Power driving momma and of her gorgeous little girl follow her journey on Instagram.

Want to be featured on the blog? Send me an email at, I’d love to share your story.



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