The Carry-On Life

Growing up my parents loved planning road trips. We’d drive for days at a time and pack literally our entire house in the car…yes, my eldest pup has traveled too! – I would pack at least one full size suitcase plus a duffle bag where ever we went. This did not include my tote bag with more craziness! Now that I am traveling for frequently, I have mastered the carry-on only packing. I have not check in one bag in the last year and a half. This includes our 11-day trip to Barcelona, Madrid, and New York.

Being that I am a little ball of anxiety, the thought of losing my luggage puts me in a panic. So I asked myself “are you preparing for a fashion show or making memories?” Obviously, we travel for the excitement of exploring the unknown. Making memories together is way more important to me than traveling with 5 pairs of shoes. And, don’t get me wrong I am not judging or criticizing those who travel with lots of luggage. You do you boo 😉

Over time we’ve collected a few different pieces of luggage but our most commonly used is our backpacks (His / Hers). For longer trips we’ll add a duffle bag or two depending on how many days we’ll be out for. On a 3-4 day trip we each pack are clothes and 1 extra pair of shoes in our backpacks.

For this trip we added an extra little treat for ourselves and to be more comfortable. We each got a pack of compression socks to help increase circulation while we sit on our flight.

And, stayed tuned to see where we go!



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