I am ME!

While scrolling through my photos recently I came across a screenshot of a college assignment I had done. In my third year of college (forever ago!!) I decided to take Multicultural Psychology, never thinking years later I would still hold onto so much from that course. One of the highlights of that semester was the “Where I’m From” assignment. Our professor shared with us an article written by Linda Christensen, “Where I’m From: Inviting Students’ Lives Into the Classroom”. We were all asked to submit a copy and some of us shared with the class.

Years later, while working at a high school as a tutor, the teacher assigned this to her senior class. I was brought to tears by so many of the poems. Never did I expect for our students to open up and explore their roots and past experiences.

While reading through my old assignment, all I could think of was “who am I now?”. What have these years done to change the person I am today. I gained and sadly lost friendships, I have changed career path and now I am not just a daughter, friend, cousin, but also a wife. So of course what do I decide to do? Update my college assignment.

I Am Poem -2013

I am from the blood, sweat and tears of two Mexican immigrants,

from the tall grass that grew outside our first home.

I am from second chances,

from operating tables to yearly check-ups.

I am from sopa de fido and arroz con frijoles.

from the love and care that family has provided.

I am from cemetery visits and church services.

From scrapbooks filled with cherished memories that will never be lost.

I am from family gatherings and celebrations.

From three homes and two mothers.

I am from long nights and encouraging conversations,

From hospital trips to hospice enrollment.

I am from Bible verses and young love.

From the night classes and early mornings.

I am from my dreams and aspirations,

From my goals and motivations.

I am from missing puzzle pieces and empty bedrooms.

From pearls and purple ribbons.

I am from my own creation.

I Am Poem- 2019

I am from a warm and inviting home,

from dog kisses and quiet mornings.

I am from long hallways with crisp scents,

from the tall palm trees swaying in the yard.

I am from tazas de coffee and Sunday service,

From early mornings and late nights.

I am from long drives and short commutes,.

From encouraging loved ones and a faithful parents.

I am from daily conversations and nightly prayers,

From piles of books that haven’t been read.

I am from travel plans and annual celebrations,

From a family that continues to grow.

I am from young love and a strong marriage.

From summer walks and winter snuggles.

I am from traditions and new Christian believes,

From inspirations and encouragement.

I am from closed chapters and new beginnings,

From friendly smiles and dark eyes.

I am from the experiences that shaped me.

How have you changed in the past 5 years? 

Change can be a good thing, it can bring us closer to being the people we want to be. 



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