Café with Rebecca (@ferweh_fervor)

This year one of my goals was to do more with my blog/Instagram; one way of doing this is by starting a new series! Everyone has a story to tell and I want to help showcase them. I hope that through these interviews, every reader can gain a new perspective that can help motivate them to pursue their passion.

*All images provided by Rebecca.

Rebecca is an intelligent, ambitious, humble, and extremely sarcastic plant mom who travels around the world eating delicious food. This kick-ass-babe got her B.A. in Communications and Journalism with a minor in Public Administration from California State University of Fullerton. She then furthered her education and graduated from Cal Baptist University with a Master of Public Administration. Anyone who comes across her account is sure to be inspired and filled with the desire to live a more adventurous life.

Favorite Book?

Kite Runner, hands down. And really, anything by Khaled Hosseini. His writing gives me all of the feels.

Biggest Pet Peeves?


Clutter. I can’t handle it.

Also, taco places that don’t serve salsa. Like, what’s up with that??

Thoughts on being an only child?

You know, when I was younger, I really loathed the fact that I couldn’t blame any of the bad things I did on my siblings. That was my biggest frustration, but I have plenty of cousins around my age, so even though I technically was an only child, I never really felt like I grew up alone. I will say that being an only child is one of the main reasons I joined a co-ed fraternity in college. What I was lacking at home, I made up for in the brothers and sisters I gained through this organization, many of which have become huge influences in my life.

What was your experience as a college student?

I had the time of my life in college. I definitely partied too hard at times and really wish I had focused more on my education, but I also have no true regrets. I learned a lot about myself during my three years in undergrad. Things about my mental health, things about my relationships with people around me, and things about the woman I wanted to become. My time at CSUF has really molded me into the person I am today and my experiences as a Latinx student in a predominantly white institution helped me to see situations and opportunities in a different light.

Where’s your dream home?

I’ve had a thing for the Pacific Northwest ever since I first visited Seattle in 2013, and there’s been several times I’ve seriously considered the move, but I think I may always truly be a SoCal girl at heart.

How do you decide where to travel?

I have an entire bucket list of destinations and homes I want to visit on AirBnb, but those are a rarity. Usually, I find really good flight deals and hop on them the second I get a notification for a place I’m even remotely interested in visiting. Life is too short to miss out on an adventure!

Who do you travel with?

Finding a good travel companion is so hard! You have to go with someone who you can vibe with and you won’t get tired of. That person has to mesh well with your travel sense and be interested in the things you want to do and vice versa. I’m lucky enough to have a couple of people in my life who fit into this and understand the importance of splurging on certain experiences and saving on others. And on those rare occasions where neither of their schedules mesh well with mine, I’ll just take a solo trip!

Where are you traveling next?

I’m headed on a quick weekend getaway at the end of the month to my favorite place: Seattle. But my next large trip will be to Japan in March. Anyone who has been, feel free to send me tips and suggestion via Michelle!

If you want to follow along on her upcoming adventures check out her Instagram @fernweh_fervor for gorgeous views and delicious food!

Want to be featured on the blog? Send me an email at, I’d love to share your story.



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