Hubby’s Birthday

Happy birthday to my best friend and husband♥️ We met at 17 and never imagined we’d be here 10 years later. I am forever grateful you made the best decision of your life to keep me around.

In honor of his very special day I’d like to share TWENTY SEVEN reason why I love this guy!


1. Sense of humor

2. Smile

3. Work ethic

4. Playfulness

5. Kindness

6. Encouragement and support

7. Huge heart

8. Youthful spirit

9. Patience

10. Love of travel

11. Generosity

12. Eagerness to learn

13. Value of family

14. Optimism

15. Ability to me feel special

16. Willingness to understand

17. Loyalty

18. Snuggles/hugs

19. Love of our pups

20. Vision of our future

21. Acceptance of my weirdness

22. Competitiveness

23. Maturity and responsibility

24. Passion of sports

25. Intent to make me be organized

26. Desire to make me happy

27. Devotion to SPOIL THE SH*T OUT ME !

Excited to celebrate with him!



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