Birthday Wishes!

At twenty-six I started my blog, visited the flower fields, stayed at a villa in Mazatlán’s Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, saw Beyoncé in concert (again), traveled to Portland and Vegas, LA Zoo lights, finished 7 seasons of Game of Thrones, and most importantly started seeing a specialist to help us start a family of our own. Looking back at twenty-six, I can honestly say that I am beyond grateful for such an amazing year. With a new chapter ahead I have new goals and big plans for what ‘d like to accomplish before welcoming in twenty-eight.


Losing weight has always been a challenged for me; this year my goal is to focus more on being healthy then stressing over the number on the scale. With my current obsession of Sarah Tripp I have felt more comfortable with being a curvy woman wearing a double-digit pant size.


I love spending hours (yes,hours) on Pinterest adding to my “Fashion” board; but I actually go shopping or get ready. This year I want to be bolder and express my creativity through my wardrobe.


When I started the blog/Instagram I failed to realize how much it would take to create content consistently. I have big ideas for content and an amazing support system but I always seem to stand in my own way of accomplishing my goal. This year I plan to give less importance in what others think and just take that picture in the middle of the road.


The itch to travel has always been in me; my parents at a young age taught me the importance of exploring and seeing more than just our hometown. Now, The Hubs and I want to do the same and incorporate traveling as part of our way of living. Nothing is ever set in stone but for this year we hope to finally explore Austin, see a Colts home game, enjoy a deep-dish pizza in Chicago, and lay out on a tropical beach.

Excited to see what is to come this year. The Hubs and I already started our research for our dream travel spots and I already saved some money for a few bougie outfits.

Cheers to 27!



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