Goals for 2019

To be honest I am not big on resolutions; I tend to not stick to them. A few days before Christmas we had lunch with our amazing friends Marvin and Carla; while eating Carla asked if we had made a list of our resolutions. After telling her I did not have a list I could not get the thought out of my mind of setting goals for 2019. Then, as if aligned in the stars, a few days after having this conversation with Carla, I came across Jenna Monaco’s most recent podcast on sticking with things you start. I immediately knew that I had do the whole setting goals for this new year.

Should I be a liar and say this year will be the year I actually lose weight? – I mean come one we all say this to ourselves and only a handful of us actually stick to it. On my long commutes to and from work and after obsessing with Sarah and Robbie Tripp on instagram I finally was able to set realistic goals for myself.


This is a lot easier said than done. I started my blog in 2018 and failed sticking to the schedule I created for myself. Instead I sat around wishing and hoping for my life to be different. For 2019, I want to strive for consistency with my blog/Instagram. In order to accomplish this, I have started planning my blog posts for two months at a time. This way I cannot say “I don’t know what to write about this week”.


I have a lot of ideas that I am doing nothing with because I panic when it comes to sharing them. In Jenna’s podcast she mentioned writing down you goals and you are 60% more likely to follow through with them. So, what’s better than waiting them now? Blogging them so everyone can see them.

  • read Scripture more
  • Finish books I start
  • Workout at least 3x a week


This is by far my biggest challenge; I hate cleaning! – If I am ever a stay at home wifey please send help. Haha. But seriously, staying organized is something I really want to start doing. A couple days ago I had to go renew my driver’s license at the DMV and I wanted to finally change my last name. *please all comments to yourself…yes it’s been over a year since we got married but changing your name is no joke!! Anyways, long story short, I could not find my marriage license and had to pay for a new one! Ugh!…my plan for this is to do something small everyday. For example simply putting my makeup back where it belongs after using it or putting my shoes back on the shelf at the end of the day.


It is so easy for me to overwhelm myself; I can go from 0 to 100 in a blink of an eye. My goal is to stay focused on the “here and now”. I constantly allow myself to stress over the future without seeing the present. I want to be more grateful for where I am now. To ensure I can successfully accomplish this, I am setting small goals each week. By writing them on my planner I can narrow down my attention on the current priority instead of being overwhelmed with the big picture.

I hope this post inspires you to set goals for yourself. It is never to late to start working towards a happier and better you. May 2019 be full of blessing and adventure for you!



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