Living Plant Based

So you’re vegan now?

I get this question so often and I never really know how to answer it. I do not consider myself vegan because I do still consume some animal products, such as cheese. Years ago I realized I wasn’t a big fan of milk or eggs and rarely consumed them which made the transition easier. I went from soy to almond milk in a short period of time. Approximately year ago, my mom decided to cut back on meat to help her with her arthritis pains. She even tried a raw vegan diet to see what helped her the most. In hopes of being a supportive daughter I chose to go plant based with her and stayed planet based.

At first we were super fired up and quickly realized we were doing everything wrong. I always felt hungry and wasn’t sure why. I had simply replaced meat-protein with veggies and wasn’t eating enough to keep me full. After some trial and error I found a happy balance. I made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years completely plant based until my birthday, in January. My husband planned an amazing dinner and I thought “hey a little meat won’t harm me” – well I was wrong. I spend my birthday night with an upset stomach and in painful discomfort. That night I decided to stay primarily plant based.

But don’t you crave a juicy burger?

Honestly no. We all know our bodies and know what feels right for ourselves. I eat what I know will make me feel good and what I like. I have found some amazing plant based burgers that I absolutely love and some that I rather not eat again. My family has been nothing but supportive and that makes it so much easier. Being that my dad loves to cook he’s always finding creative ways to help me enjoy the foods I loved to eat. My absolute favorite are his king oyster-mushroom tacos and green meatless pozole. YUM! I also appreciate when family/friends create delicious meals forme. Recently my good friend Carla made her famous stir fry plant based for me to enjoy! When I’m craving a cheat meal I always head over to the refrigerated section and pick up some Gardein. The hubs and I are obsessed with their meatballs and flishless fillets. For delicious treats we order from Eat love Yoga. It’s a small family business owned by an amazing woman. You gotta check her out.

So what do you eat then?

I eat whatever I want. I don’t limit my options; I have found creative ways to simple exclude meat. I do consume fish on rare occasions but try not to over do it.  My husband chose to go plant based as well and eats meat a couple times a month when we go out. But at home we eat full plant based. Just this weekend I made plant based tamales that I was so proud of! – Check out my recipe ! Black Bean Chipotle Tamales

You won’t know until you try it! – whether try being plant based for the animals, the environment, your health, or like me just because you got nothing to lose. You’ll definitely gain a few new meal options!

-xoxo Michelle ♥

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