Journey to Parenthood

“When are you having babies?” and “Don’t think too much just relax” are the most frustrating questions to deal with when in reality it’s not easy to “relax” when your body isn’t doing what it should be.

Every time I saw a pregnancy announcement on Instagram from a high school or college classmate, I would drag myself into a funk. I can honestly say I didn’t feel hate or jealousy; I genuinely felt sadness. I kept thinking to myself will I ever know what it feels like to be pregnant and have a child of my own.

For years I have known that becoming a mother was going to be a challenge. A few years ago I spoke to my doctor and had a pelvic ultrasound done and thankfully he found nothing of concern. Fast forward a few years and after talking to Kelvin we decided to consult our doctor to see what the game plan was to be parents.

Having missed my period for 2 years I knew something was not okay. I had lab work done, an a pelvic ultrasound all to find out my doctor had no idea how to help. The day of my appointment I was a mess, hearing your doctor say “now a days there so many options” was heartbreaking. She was so sweet and supportive and finally referred us to a OB GYN who specializes in infertility.

After more labs and ultrasounds we were finally given a glimpse of hope. Our doctor immediately provided an action plan and instructions for every step of the way. All though it will not be easy, we are thankful for the love and support of our loved ones as we embark on this journey. Today, I begin the hormonal medication and prenatal vitamins in hopes of starting a family of our own.

FYI – We were warned that these medications might cause some side effects and with our luck we’ll be the small percentage that have multiples! Ahhhh!

We pray for positive results! Stay tuned maybe soon we’ll be blessed to announce baby (or babies) Herrera.

-xo Michelle ♥️

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