Portland Weekend Guide

We are constantly being asked “why Portland?” to which my response is “Why not!?” – we had been going crazy trying to figure out where to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and finally decided that Portland would be a new fun experience. It was so amazing to get out of our routine to explore nature and breath some fresh air. Definitely recommend visiting Portland and the neighboring cities.

day one:

Before heading out to Portland we had done our due diligence of doing some research and found Columbia Gorge Express. We were able to buy our all day ticket to explore the area between Portland and Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. We started out day at 8 am and set off on the light rail towards the bus pick up. One thing we tend to do is take advantage of public transportation while we travel. We save a lot of money taking a bus rather than a ride share app.

– Multnomah Falls

Pictures and words can express how wonderful the falls are. Standing there seeing the waterfall allowed us to escape reality for just a few minutes. While there stop by the gift shop and stamp your passport to commemorate the moment.

⁃ Thunder Island Brewing Co. at Cascade Locks

Great food, views, and brews! – the cutest little brewery on the riverbed.

⁃ Bridge of Gods at Cascade Locks

⁃ Q Restaurant

Shout out to my boss for the recommendation of this amazing restaurant! With help of Yelp, I was able to make a reservation ahead time as they only take reservations. It was so sweet of them to customize our menu to celebrate our anniversary (our wedding date was on the back). Being that I am mostly plant based, it was nice of them to accommodate one of their dishes for me; which was beyond delicious!

day two:

⁃ Brunch at The Fields

Regardless of where we go football always takes over our lives. Yes my husband’s first love is football….then maybe me (it’s a joke people!). It was such a fun experience to be in a bar full of football fans and fantasy football enthusiasts. Of course per usual I had no clue what was going on but was able to surprise my husband with custom tees to cheer on his team!

Pearl Nachos (no meat) & POG (passion fruit, orange & grapefruit) Mimosa

Chilaquiles (no eggs)

Chicken n Waffle Sliders

⁃ Powell Book Store

I am a huge book-hoarder and bookworm so this place made me feel at home.

⁃ Washington Park

Breathtaking to say the least. Without planing we ended  up at this marvelous park. Felt like I was in a enchanted forest from a fairy tale.

⁃ Rose Test Garden

⁃ Japanese Gardens

⁃ Voodoo Doughnuts

Doughnuts not DONUTS! Make sure to visit this iconic doughnut shop. After our long day it was nice to grab a little treat, and lucky for me they also have vegan options…woot woot!

Traditional: maple bacon bar & coconut guava || Vegan: Oreo aka “Dirt” and Voodoo

⁃ Fusebar coffee shop

Right across from Voodoo Doughnuts is Fusebar. As the coffee snobs we are we  had to head over and grab a latte. This fun coffee shop by day bar by night little spot had an amazing variety. of options, including alternative milks.

⁃ Toro Bravo

This time last year we were roaming the streets of Madrid and enjoy delicious food. While doing my routine research I found this cute little trendy Spanish restaurant the middle of the city. The wait was crazy long, but we asked if we could eat out on the patio (aka the curb) and were seated immediately. The staff was amazing and the food was even better.

Black Truffle cheese flatbread

Calamari a la plancha with pocha beans

Salt baked shrimp

heading home:

⁃ Screen Door

MUST TRY! – Don’t leave the city without having Screen Door. Make sure to check out their hours as they are not open all day.

Black-Eyed Pea Fritter Sandwich

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich

⁃ Stumptown Coffee

While waiting for our plane we checked out the local’s favorite Stumptown Coffee. Coffee was brewed strong just the way we like it!

⁃ Airport Carpet

Yes, I  know is carpet…while preparing for our trip I read a few blog and most mentioned the carpet. Being that I work in the flooring industry this caught my attention. The carpet is definitely fun and reflective of the city.

All in all, Portland was great for a quick weekend getaway. Hope you too get to experience this green city and let us know your favorites if you do go.

-xo Michelle ♥

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