Current Health: A Healthier Me

Shortly after my second birthday doctors discovered I had a heart murmur. After endless exams and consultations my parents agreed that going through with surgery was the best option. In October of 1992, I underwent open heart surgery. I can’t imagine the agony my parents went through in seeing their only child having such an intense medical procedure. Thanks to their unbelievable strength I was able to grow up without any limitations. I had regular visits to the cardiologist, which I continue to still have til this day, and unfortunately was cleared for PE in school…ugh! image

Growing up I figured that I had conquered it all as a toddler and I’d be “healthy” for the rest of my life…that was until I was becoming a young woman. I can still remember that day, I had spent the night at my cousin’s and in the morning I realized I had started my first cycle. It was overwhelming, emotional, and little did I know that I would not menstruate for months. Being that I was only 12 years old my doctor said it was normal for body to need to adjust.

Approximately 6 years later this issue was still continuing, I would regularly miss my cycle and even went 8 months at point. After hormone testing and pelvic ultrasounds I was still at square one; there was no clear evidence of what could be causing this. I was prescribed birth control pills to see if my body would regulate. I took them for a little over a year and had my cycle like clock work. As soon as I went off of them I missed my cycle for two whole years.

Late last year, I finally gained the courage to move forward in seeking answers. Since then I’ve had invasive pelvic ultrasounds and multiple blood work examines. This week I am finally seeing an OBGYN to begin our journey to parenthood. There are so many components in becoming a healthier me; yet the most obvious, physical health, can be the most difficult to master. For now, we are extremely hopeful and excited to see what the future brings…maybe soon we’ll be able to welcome baby H.

-xo Michelle ♥️