Physical Activity: A Healthier Me

The first step in making a change is accepting where you are now. At this moment I can say I have an unhealthy relationship with being physically active. I am one of those people that can go a lifetime with all the right intentions to go to the gym or for a walk and never make it past the door. I have tried it all and yet never seem to stick to route.

In college I took a Pilates class, joined the gym and did absolutely nothing with that. Shortly after college a family friend asked me to join in her weight loss program and I did. I was doing two-a-day gym sessions, hiking, and even doing at home yoga videos. I felt (and looked) better than ever. My mood was so better and always full of energy.  

Within a  year of starting my fitness journey I started a full time job, got engaged and kicked off the holidays all at once; all my hard work went out the door immediately. Commuting for close to 3 hours a day to and from work made working out a of chore. I slowly began to feel weak, tired, and heavy.

With time nothing has changed drastically. The Hubs and I make an effort to really get out for an evening walk but there are days (even weeks) we fail to go. With the dogs around and always full of energy it helps us at least try a little. We enjoy playing with them and taking them to the park once in a while. Having started this journey to seek a healthier me has forced me to see the weakness I tend to overlook. With ten weeks left in this personal journey I am challenging myself to get back into the “get moving” mentally to reap the benefits from being more active.

-xo Michelle ♥️


  • Gym (2x/week)
  • Evening walk with hubs (1x/week)


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