Education: A Healthier Me

I am a strong believer that school is not for everyone; I have seen people go to school to make their parents happy and cause themselves misery. But education doesn’t always mean going to school. Connecting with people, reading, listening to podcast, watching the news, or simply just observing the world around me has given me the opportunity to shape who I am.

As a kid I attended my cousin’s graduation from University of California Riverside and that moment of seeing him walk across the stage changed my life. Never did I tell him or anyone in my family how this moment made me feel. Years later when I was preparing to write my personal statement for college I immediately remembered this moment and used that story to express passion to pursue a higher education. I went from dreaming of being a chef to being a radio show personality. I have so many passions that I did not know how to narrow it down. During my second year at the University of La Verne I made the decision to change my major from communications to psychology, not realizing the impact this would have in my life.

Having grown up in Latino home psychological and physical health was never discussed. As I got older I picked up a few key tips from teachers, classmates, and even TV. During my time at ULV and studying psychology I was able to learn so much of myself and how to work with so many others. At this time I was going through so many personal and emotional difficulties and educating myself allowed me the opportunity to find seek alternative way to find happiness.

I signed for a PE class to cover one of my GE’s but also to help me. We did yoga, Pilates, watched health films, and had open discussions on all levels of health. I ever attend therapy on a weekly bases during one semester. This experience truly allowed me to see that educating oneself has a direct impact on health. If I would have stayed close-minded and unwilling to look beyond the biases I was surrounded by I may have taken alternative (an unhealthy) options to get healthy.

Beyond grateful to my parents and Kelvin for all their love and support during my years in school. Without them I would have never made it.

– xo Michelle ♥️

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