A Healthier Me

I commute for approximately one hour to and from work each day. Yes I know, “wow that’s crazy” but honestly I have learned to enjoy that time alone in the car. I typically use this time to listen to music, pray/worship, and mentally plan out my week. Recently though I have been using this time to listen to podcasts. I am obsessed. That make the commute so much faster and I get to listen and learn. I initially started with NPR’s Ted Radio Hour then Hidden Brain. Slowly I started venturing out to BALD MOVE Game of Thrones Podcast, My Favorite Murder and WHAT WE SAID PODCAST.

I have been following Jaci on Instagram for a while now. Really liked her style and posts and when she and Chelsey began this podcast I was hooked. Each week I’m excited to listen to them and have even shed some tears at some of the content on their show.

After listening to episode 13 – ARE YOU REALLY HEALTHY ENOUGH? I wondered, “am I really healthy enough?”. Taking some of the concepts that Chelsey (a certified health coach) discussed on the show I want to explore how to create a healthier me. For the next 12 weeks I will be going in depth on the 12 categories of health that she discussed; from spirituality to physical health and everything in between.


Join along on this journey and check out the talented ladies at WHAT WE SAID PODCAST!

– xo Michelle ♥️

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