Mazatlan Travel Guide

One of our greatest dreams has been to visit each-other’s parents’ hometowns. Without really trying we got to check off one of them this summer when we visited Mazatlan, Sinaloa. For the last 8 years my family and I have been raving to Kelvin all about the beautiful port city and he finally got to see it for himself!


Over fifteen years my parents had the opportunity to be guest at Pueblo Bonito in La Zona Dorada. While on vacation they were invited to visit their new hotel (still under construction); and of course they fell in love with it. A few signatures and some “pues comemos arroz y frijoles” later my parents owned a timeshare at the beautiful PUEBLO BONITO EMERALD BAY!

Growing up I would look forward to our yearly trip to Mazatlan; I would swim, eat, and roam around the resort. It was amazing. Fast forward eleven years and got to do the same, this time with my husband.

Being able to stay in one of the villas this time around was definitely mind blowing. Us in a villa? Who would have thought!? – Having the our own private pool and being far enough from the other guest yet close enough to still enjoy poolside bar was fantastic. 


A decade definitely brought major changes to the city. So much had changed that I felt like a first timer. But there were some favorites that I was happy to go back to. El Mercado y el Malecon are musts! – the 13 mile long Malecon (seafront walkway) is absolutely breathtaking.

  • Mercado Municipal “José Ma. Pino Suarez”
  • Plazuela MachadoCatedral Basilica
  • El Clavadista/Malecon
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  • Take a pulmonia
  • Las Letras
  • Drive to el Quelitedscn0025


When it comes to planning any vacation having a list of where to eat is extremely important. From the moment my family decided on this trip where we wanted to eat that day dictated what we did. I know sounds so normal right? – regardless the 12 foodies that we are all pitched in ideas on our oldies but goodies and got to try a few new spots. The winner of this trip was definitely Taqueria San Pablo. Lets just say we stopped by more than once…twice…okay maybe three or four times! With their simple menu (asada or pastor) we all loved it. For you non-meat eater like me me you gotta try their baked potatoes. I you can add cheese if you want or go simple and add all of their delicious veggie toppings and spicy salsa. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a baked potato so much.

  • Mariscos El MeminTaqueria San Pablo
  • Casa Country  
  • La Cocina de Chuyita
  • Angelo’s
  • Panama
  • El Meson del los Laureanos
  • Neveria Don Hilario – nieve de garrafa
  • Looney Bean


  1. Save money – check if your hotel has FREE shuttles
  2. Stay cool – regardless of what you think it GETS HOT and HUMID!
  3. If you have little ones take advantage of the play room at Casa Country.  
  4. Make conversation with the Pulmonia drivers; the can organize a city tour for you.  
  5. Don’t be scared to negotiate prices at the Mercado – you might just walk away with something with an even better deal.

– xo Michelle ♥️

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