Seattle Weekender Guide

Life is full of firsts; my first time on an airplane was to Seattle. I had traveled before but always by car. Up til then I had traveled as far east as Missouri and and as far south as Michoacan, MX. With a late night flight and backpack full excitement we set off to Seattle. I can honestly say, people hyped the flying experience way too much. I got in, buckled up and knocked out.

FRIDAY: Day one was jam packed with soaking in Seattle. Our first stop was the Space Needle. The view is absolutely breathtaking to say the least. With a quick jump onto the monorail we arrived to CenturyLink Field. Kelvin is a huge sports fan and to be honest I’ve learned to appreciate sports a lot more; especially after a two-hour tour of the football stadium. If you happen to be visiting during baseball season like did, attending a game at SafeCo Field can wrap up your day. If you do a little research (regardless of the team) you can find their giveaway days to bring home a FREE souvenir. We were extremely happy to have gone on bearded hat day; the beanies really kept us warm!

SATURDAY: After nearly freezing our butts off at the baseball game, we woke up bright and early to visit the Pikes Place Market. With it being a sunny saturday morning, even considered warm to the locals, the market was extra busy. Yet, after roaming for a while we made it to the iconic Gum Wall. After walking a few blocks, we made it to the Underground Tour. Hearing and seeing the history behind the city truly made us appreciate everything more.

SUNDAY: Can you say you went to Seattle without having coffee? I think not! – our first stop of the morning was Starbucks. I had to get my location mugs as per usual, then we set out to Victor Steinbrueck Park. Beautiful views and amazing spot to people watch. Later with a quick ferry ride we arrived to Bainbridge Island; if only we could afford a home there! The island has so much history and stunning views. On our way to the airport we stopped at the Smith Tower for a drinks and beautiful view.

IVARS! IVARS! IVARS! – okay so you can definitely explore more options but we had Ivars all three days…and I am not ashamed. If you’re looking for a delicious breakfast head over to Biscuit Bitch, if you check in on YELP you can also get some a FREE souvenir. Last but surely not least if you want to have an fancy-adult dinner head over to Il Bistro for a romantic-candle light dinner. If you wanna impress your girl, talk about fantasy baseball for two hours like Kelvin did! – we got married 4 months after so it works guys 😉 haha

  1. Save money – travel on the Link Light Rail
  2. Bundle up – regardless of what you think it GETS COLD
  3. If it’s your first time visiting a stadium check with their guest services desk to see if they offer a FREE certificate to commemorate the special day.
  4. Take advantage of the hotel – even after check out ask to leave your luggage so you can continue to explore the city.
  5. Eat Ivars one last time at the airport before heading home !

– xo Michelle ♥️

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