DIY Minnie Ears

Sunday Vibes

It’s late Sunday morning, we stayed out far past our normal bed time and the hubby just made coffee to prepare himself for El Clásico. What do I do? – MAKE EARS !

Having a sports enthusiast for a husband means there’s lots of uninterrupted “game time”. I have learned to enjoy the art of watching sports (I prefer to be there live and in action) but for the most part I make it my me time.

I am obsessed with wearing ears to Disneyland every time I go. My current collection is small and pretty basic. I follow a handful of Disney Bloggers and love all the custom ears. After scoping out Etsy for a while, I bought a pair of the cutest concha ears by Kimmy’s Bowtique . I truly love them and wear them often but realized I could customize my own.

For the past few weeks I did lots of intensive research on YouTube (of course) on how to make my own Minnie Mouse ears and I finally made them! Extremely excited to make more !

DIY Minnie Ears – NO SEW

After extensive YouTube researching I found two amazing videos I based my ears on. You can check them out to follow along with their videos. I followed the bow instructions from The Wilderness Explorers and ear instructions from Sarah Iniguez.

What You Will Need

  • fabric – approximately 1 yard all together
  • 1″ headband
  • cardboard
  • fiber stuffing (or cotton balls)
  • hot glue gun
  • scissors
  • tiny elastic hair tie
  • ear template


  1. cut out your template. I used a cup to make the round shape but there are lots of free templates online. A great one is on Auntie Tay’s Blog.
  2. trace your template onto cardboard twice and cut the two ears. I used an Amazon prime box.
  3. trace your template 4 times onto the fabric; pattern/print face down. I traced 2 ears on the characters and 2 on the silhouette. then cut about 3/4″ – 1/2″ around your tracing to allow for a tight coverage. 
  4. using your hot glue gun, glue the fabric to the cardboard. Pull the fabric tight towards the center of the card board. make sure the pattern/print side of the fabric is facing down. be sure to leave the bottom unglued as you will need to stuff the ears next.
  5. double stuff! take your fiber stuffing (or cotton balls) 
  6. attach two halves to create one sturdy ear. with the bottom flap glue the two bottoms so there is no stuffing coming out. to conceal the edges I glued twine around each completed ear.
  7. white your two ears are waiting to waiting to dry; cut a large square piece of fabric for the bow. mine was about 8″ x 8″. grab some stuffing and making pull it apart to make a long piece (like a hot dog). grab two ends and fold towards the middle. with the glue gun place a thin small line to secure the fabric and hold in place the stuffing. turn to the other two side and fold them towards the middle while folding in the corners; as if you were wrapping a present. place a few dots of glue to hold them in place.
  8. take the small elastic hair tie and wrap it around the middle of the square. my positioning the hair tie in the middle it allows for bow shape to come in play.
  9. using a scrap piece of fabric; cut it out a thin rectangle. mine was about 2″ x 6″. fold and glue the edges to create smooth ends.
  10. now that your ears have cooled you will attach them to the headband. I used my ears from Disneyland to mark where they should go. hold the ears in place until glue has cooled.
  11. glue the scrap piece of fabric to the middle of the headband. place your bow in place and wrap the strip towards the front to secure the bow in place. glue it tight and cut the end.


since my headband was plastic white I wrapped it in black fabric.

OH BOY! we got ears say cheers!

If you make your own tag me on Instagram! °o°

-xoxo Michelle

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