becoming Mrs H.

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I met my husband Kelvin (still crazy to say that “husband”) in 11th grade English class. I was the extremely outgoing, front-row-sitting, always running in late typical 17 year old girl. He was the laid-back, back-row-sitting, never participating in class, varsity soccer player. Basically the complete opposite of one another. We had been enrolled in different courses until then, had different friends and social groups. Sounds a bit like “She’s All That” – okay maybe not to that extreme but how in the world did we not notice each other for 3 years?! With that being said our friends knew each other very well. I mean they knew each other so well they began to date. Suddenly now Kelvin was around at our before-school hangout by the tree and during passing periods. An awkwardly half-assed “Hi” turned into routine morning hugs. Before we knew it we were walking to class together and catching up on MySpace (yes, I said MySpace) after school.

The end of the school year came sooner than expected and I said my goodbye with a cliche “call me over the summer”. Never did I expect to receive a 4 am phone one morning over the summer. Kelvin, having always worked at his parents donut shop was accustomed to being up so early and decided to give me a call, his commute was short but he promised to call later that night; and he did.

A little over a month passed since our first phone call.  He was unable to text which made each phone call feel like a clip of an old movie. He’d come by after working at the shop and bring my Grandma pan dulce. On July 28th, he arrived per usual; this time with a bigger purpose. He asked me to be his girlfriend and well me being me I said no and laughed. But I was beyond excited to see where this would lead and within a few days he met my parents and we went on our first date.


We did it all: Friday night football games and Saturday movie dates, Prom, Grad-Nite and all the fun-crazy-stupid high school memories that came with that. We went to different universities and had different work schedules. We got to see each other once a week for a few hours and that’s all we needed. Neither one of us let the little things get in the way and our relationship grew stronger. With time we began to plan for a bigger future. We fantasized about traveling and buying a home. Never truly imagining how real this would one day be.

Throughout the next few years I lost my grandma, helped my dad go through physical rehabilitation, started two new jobs, graduated college, made new friends, lost some friends, grew stronger in my faith and never once did Kelvin let me go through any of that alone. We had been together for six years when I really began to hype myself up each Christmas and birthday then would be let down when there was no proposal. I basically gave up after the second go-around, I knew I loved him and if marriage was not his thing well all I could do was pray that if he wasn’t for me than to take him out of my life. but, Kelvin stuck around. He stuck around so hard his stuff was slowly moving into our home. And in October 2016 we welcomed home our fur-baby Luna.


We had imagined a simple-intimate wedding and got that plus an extra 150 guests. We were surrounded by so much love and support. We couldn’t have done any of it without our families. Being that I am beyond obsessed with Pinterest we decided to do all the decorating ourselves. We spend endless nights brainstorming on our ideal wedding. I purchased the first dress I tried on, we made the invitations, and cut hundreds of paper flowers. We made everything unique and most importantly we made it our own.

Regardless of what people say, you really cannot have the wedding of your dreams. There will always be something you wish you could have differently but when looking back I am glad we made it our own. Yes, I wish I would have lost some extra weight to in my dress better or have not invited the crazy guest (we all know who I’m talking about haha), but overall I do not regret all the small time-consuming details we put into the wedding that represented ourselves. We allowed our guests to see who we truly are and for that I will always be grateful.




On September 15, 2017 I became Mrs H. and now the real journey begins.

-xo Michelle

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